Lesson 16 - Chapter 1 Verses 26-28

Chapter 1:26-28

Verse 26 – Delivery to Sexual Perversion Between Women

One of the perversions into which the unbeliever reversionist can degrade himself/herself is sexual perversions. The end result of this category of perversion has been the destruction of an entire nation. We saw this in our last lesson with regard to Sodom and Gomorrah. The Roman Empire is another example from history that was ultimately destroyed because of the rise of sexual perversion and the break down of the family unit. We will see in these verses that there are two forms of perversion which are expressly forbidden by the Word of God for the human race. Both are sins and a person can recover from either through salvation and Bible doctrine.

In verse 26 we have a description of lesbianism and in verse 27 we have a description of homosexuality. We will learn from Scripture that a person is not born into either of these categories. If a person is a lesbian or a homosexual, it is because they made a conscience decision to enter into that lifestyle. However, it must be said that even though God hates these sins, He continues to love the person who is committing them.

For this reason in verse 26 obviously refers back to the fact that the unbeliever reversionist exchanged the truth from God regarding the Gospel for satanic lies. God had no other alternative than to allow this unbeliever to exercise his volition, which led to sexual perversion. As stated, the perversion in verse 26 is lesbianism. Gave them over is the same Greek word as in verse 24, which is “paradidomi” meaning to deliver over or to hand over for judgment. Degrading passions comes from two Greek words “altima” meaning dishonorable, disgraceful or perverted and “pathos” meaning bad desires or lust.

The last half of verse 26 describes the female who exchanged the normal function of a woman for something which is abnormal in function (lesbianism). The last half of this verse deals with lesbianism. For their women explains the passions of dishonor in terms of the females. Sex was intended by God as an expression of love between a man and a woman in marriage, never between a woman and a woman. Sex is an honorable passion in marriage. Sex between two women is totally dishonorable, depraved, degenerate, abnormal, but curable. It is a sign of reversionism. Not only is it a sin but it manifests reversionism. It is an application of the satanic doctrine of evil.


Verse 27 - Delivery to Sexual Perversion Between Men

And in the same way the men is from the Greek word “arsen,” which means males and has a very strong emphasis on perversion. With this is the generic use of the definite article used to represent a class of males. The males here are homosexuals.

Abandoned (the natural function of the woman) is the Greek word “aphiemi” meaning to let go, to send away, to give up or to abandon. This is a temporal clause, “after they abandoned.” It uses this verb to signify the state or condition of homosexuality and denoting an entrance into that state. There is no such thing as being born with some handicap that makes a person a homosexual. The entry into that state is by the exercise of one’s own volition related to the sin nature and evil in the soul. This is emphasized because it is curable, like any sin. (This is contrary to what psychology teaches). Note that the homosexual rejection of normal sex with a woman is an act of deliberate volition as a part of reversionism under the influence of evil. Evil distorts the thinking of the soul.

Burn is the Greek word “ekkaio” meaning to become inflamed with lustful desire. This is a reference to homosexuality and a man enters into it at some point because of evil. Evil then controls the soul and from that comes anti-woman and pro-male.

Desire is the Greek word “orexis,” which means sexual desire or lust. Towards one another is a preposition plus the Greek word for another “allos,” referring to another of the same category. Men with men committing indecent acts is the Greek words, “arsen” plus “arsen,” meaning “males with males.” The Greek verb for committing is “katergazomai,” which means to work out or achieve what is on the inside: sexual lust, which is both abnormal and perverted. Therefore, it means to accomplish something. The homosexual produces the action of the verb by relating abnormal lust to sexual relationship. Indecent is the Greek word “aschemosune,” which means a perverted act or a shameless deed.

Receiving is the Greek word “apolambano” meaning to receive back what is due or to duly receive. This is denoting a continuation of the pay-off of homosexuality. Homosexuals receive back judgment from the justice of God. Due is the Greek word “dei” meaning what regularly occurs. Penalty is the Greek word “antimisthia,” which is made up of two words [anti = against; mistos = reward, wages]. So against reward means penalty, retribution or judgment. Of their error is the Greek word “plane,” meaning a forsaking of the right path or a wandering (perversion).



1. It is inevitable that the justice of God will judge all maladjustment, both homosexual and lesbian.

2. Those who do not adjust to the justice of God the justice of God will adjust to them in cursing and judgment.

3. Homosexuality is a sin, not a sickness; but in addition to that it is evil and reversionism.

4. The Bible is very definite in its prohibition against homosexuality. (Leviticus 18:22)

5. The Romans had copied perversions of the Greeks.

6. The recovery of Roman art indicates homosexual activities became prominent among Romans.

7. The homosexual, then, is not only sinful but he is reversionistic, and he has a deviant attitude.

8. Homosexuality receives payment from the justice of God through irrationality, neurosis, fear, abnormal or distorted affection or love, anti-establishment function, psychosis.

9. Homosexuality results from the sin nature activity in the field of abnormal or perverted sex. It is a sin related to reversionism and evil.

10. Homosexuals do not have different kinds of hormones, enzymes, or a different kind of structure from the standpoint of anatomy.

11. Homosexuality is not inherent.

12. Homosexuals may become neurotic or psychotic, not because society harasses them but because they are maladjusted to the justice of God.

13. Homosexuals receive in themselves a due penalty, including neurosis and psychosis.

14. Therefore, not the attitude of society but the justice of God produces neurosis in deviants.

15. Society may excuse the behavior of homosexuals but reversionism or maladjustment to the justice of God produces punishment for abnormal sinfulness and evil.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are curable for unbelievers through salvation and through learning and applying Bible doctrine. For a believer who is involved in homosexuality or lesbianism, the cure is Rebound and then learning and applying Bible doctrine. Whenever homosexuality and lesbianism are permitted by society they act as a cancer and become one of the first manifestations of national degeneracy and catastrophe, and the inevitable 5th cycle of discipline. There is an excellent reason for not tolerating these perversions: it is destructive to a nation.


Verse 28 – Delivery to the Function of Evil

And just as they did not see fit is the negative Greek word “ouk plus the Greek verb “dokimazo,” which means to put something to the test, to examine, to test for the purpose of approving. With the negative it means to reject after testing. (And since they rejected after testing/examining is the meaning) This is a reference to the unbeliever reversionist who had heard and understood the Gospel. He looked it over, considered it, and said no.

To acknowledge God any longer means the unbeliever, after hearing the Gospel of Christ and understanding it, produces the action of unbelief and rejection. The Greek words for acknowledge are “echo” meaning to possess or have and “epignosis” meaning full knowledge. This refers to the unbeliever’s full understanding of the Gospel, examining it carefully, and saying no. This unbeliever actually had God right there by having the Gospel in his soul. All he had to do was place his faith in Christ and he was saved, but instead he went negative. Literally, “And since in full knowledge they rejected after examination having the God.”

God gave them over is the Greek word “paradidomi,” which means handing over to judgment. This judgment occurs in both time and eternity: in time, the 5th cycle of discipline; in eternity, the lake of fire. To a depraved mind is the Greek word “adokimos,” meaning a worthless mind. The judgment is the worthless mind or the mind filled with the Satanic doctrine of evil.

To do those things which are not proper is the Greek word “poieo” meaning doing. The Greek verb katheko means to be fitting, to be proper, but with the negative, it means what is improper. The worthless mind filled with evil keeps on doing evil things.

The verses which follow will give us the manifestation of heathenism. We will get the real life applications of what results when a person goes negative at either God-consciousness or Gospel hearing and rejects truth.